Zion I Kings release 10 track ‘Future Oceans Echo’ Album

For the last decade, Zion I Kings, comprised of  Laurent “Tippy I” Alfred of I Grade Records, Andrew “Moon” Bain of Lustre Kings, and David “Jah D” Goldfine” of Zion High Productions, has delivered some of the finest and most indelible musical offerings to date in modern reggae. Adding to their success, the trio has created a dynamically rich Ocean themed dub record: ‘Future Oceans Echos’ due out April 15th.

The new album is the 5th record on their dub focus series and takes the listener into an aquatic wonderland with streaming proceeds that will benefit climate action for oceans and beaches in the Virgin Islands.

The album contains 10 heavy bass-driven, dubby tracks that take you Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea with aquatic sound bits, submarine echos, and track names like Dolphin Bay dub, Manta Ray Canyons, Wata Dawta, Whale Song Skank, Seahorse Bubblin’ and our favourite: Red, Gold and Green Dubmarine.