White Horses Dub – Antigua Boom Bass 

Antigua Boom Bass is a musical project that took shape in the summer of 2022, driven by a passion for Reggae, Roots and Dub music. 

Inspired by his love of the heavy emphasis on bass and drums that are characteristic of dub music. Fascinated by the use of reverb and echo effects to create a distinct and unique sound. A lover of repetitive and syncopated sounds, Antigua Boom Bass creates music that puts the rhythm of the bass in the foreground. The desire to experiment with sounds and echoes and to explore the creative potential of Dub music. Instrumental tracks, often featuring breaks and improvisations. 

The use of sound effects creates a rich audio landscape that draws the listener in and immerses him in the world of music. 

Antigua Boom Bass’ music reflects a deep love of Dub music and his desire to push the boundaries of the genre.