Wicked Dub Division meets North East Ska Jazz Orchestra: ‘Live Studio Session #1’

Italian bands Wicked Dub Division and North East Ska Jazz Orchestra release their first album together: Live Studio Session #1. After the great success of the singles Mama and You Can Fly, the dub collective and the big band have united to reinterpret nine famous Wicked Dub Division songs.

Electronics, horn melodies and vocal power come together in this work recorded live at the Deep Studio in Treviso (Italy). It mixes in a unique and explosive sound in which the strength of the big band joins the deep and psychedelic rhythms of dub music.

From the album emerges a succession of compelling rhythms and expansive and hypnotic sounds – where the horn section becomes the background and the creative element is in the hands of the dubmaster. The recording was both a challenge and a big party, which is undoubtedly reflected in the spectacular final result.

The singer and author of most of the lyrics Michela Grena explains: “Getting together in music was magical! 16 musicians locked in a large room to rediscover the beauty of sharing after months away from the stage, without even being able to rehearse. The decision to record a live album was immediate, just to enjoy the energy of the moment. All the songs were recorded live, without any overdubs, to capture something unrepeatable”.

The album was arranged by Wicked Dub Division and Max Ravanello, mixed by Giovanni Pezzato and Peak, mastered by Ibon Larruzea (Euridia Estudio, Bilbao) and distributed by Brixton Records. Live Studio Session #1 is available on CD and vinyl, as well as on all digital platforms.