Let's sing a HaileluJah Song

Mikey General is back … and WE LOVE IT ! This amazing voice from Jamaica and his wonderful and sweet consciousness are still on for our grand enchantment.

The album Hailelujah song was released on Dec,3rd  on the Barcelona based label Reggaeland, and was recorded partly in the prestigious Tuff Gong studios in Kingston, and partly in Reggaeland’s own Barcelona studio.

As 2013 seems to be the worldwide year for Tribute to the Legends, we start the album with Roots Rocking Reggae, a tribute to this rebel music we all love, and some of her great ones who made her so big and are still inspiring us. By this way, he as well reminds us that he’s been in the business for ages now, and even with this long and rich experience, he still pays tribute and respect to his fellows. General teaches the youths to remember where they come from !

The sweet teaching continues with a wise advice, No follow Babylon even if you’re struggling Early in the Morning because Babylon nuh want fi hear when Rasta a chant, They want to stop the fire but they can’t We just keep on blazing ! Word Sound & Power ! They’re the ones with the bombs, they’re the ones with the guns, all we have is the drums, and the rightgeous words from the rastaman chant !

Remember anyway it’s Only for a time, everything has a season, Jah knows the reason ! Material things are ephemera, spiritual things will heal your soul and provide you more happiness. And on His time, the Lion of Judah will reveal because Rastafari Never Lies ! And though [we] will never, be able to mesure, Jah is [our] Treasure. A King Selassie I Alone, guides me when I’m traveling through the danger zone, and to the world it must be known, so when I man a step, I’m never on my own.

Always be true to yourself, nah let them discourage you, The harder they come, the quicker they run.

You can just sing with us the wonderful HaileluJah Song, Praise Him in moon and sun, Praise Him out in stars, praise Him in galaxy, praise Him in Saturn and Mars. Praise Him in the highest heaven, 24/7. Keep the faith, in your darkest nights Jah will be there, when you can’t see the lights, Jah will be there, Jah is always there, Don’t be scared, don’t have no fear, always remember, Jah is always there. 

In this life we’re living, we are all seeking for the same thing, L.O.V.E. because we just Wanna be happy. We need simple things for that. And it’s a crying shame, it’s  a crime against humanity, when a man with his family can’t find the basic necessity, because of lock of opportunities … The people need Sort Out, not Handout ! Mr politician please take a careful listen. But politics are not the only one who can change the actual situation. We ALL can. for our sons and daughters. Let’s Pass love on.

A man is just a man, and IS a LOVER, whoever man it is. And even with all the guidance and protection, temptation is never far away from us. He [I] must have been crazy, to disrespect you ladyWon’t you Forgive him [me] ? You will, because he admits that he will never Inna million years, find another like you.

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