Reggae and Comics: Dread & Alive

Recently Ziggy Marley announced his MarijunanaMan Comic book (in stores april 20, 2011), The Amsterdam based Jamrock DJ’s have their own Dancehallheroes and now there is a new comic serie in stores: Dread & Alive from Nicholas da Silva.

In Dread & Alive: Book One, Cultural Anthropologist, Philip McIntosh, is summoned to the Maroon village of Accompong, Jamaica, to investigate a series of unexplained deaths. A descendant of the Jamaican Maroons, he decides to bring along his wife and seven year old son, Drew McIntosh, to experience the Maroon life. But once inside the forbidden Cockpit Country, their visit is anything but tranquil as they soon find themselves in the midst of a spiritual battle between good and evil.

Nicholas Da Silva, CEO of ZOOLOOK, LLC., and creator/writer of Dread & Alive said, “In creating the Dread & Alive series, I wanted to create an original story that was centered around a compelling character of color who wasn’t afraid to stand up and fight to protect the rights of all living things; humans, animals and the earth.”

Next to the comics theres an album released called Dread & Alive. The Lost Tapes, with 14 wicked tracks of conscous Roots en Dub Reggae music. On this album are tunes from Lutan Fyah, Anthony B, Annette Brissett, SOJA, I-Octane and more…

For more information on the Dread & Alive series, please visit Dread & Alive

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