Gramps morgan releases 6-track DEEPER EP.

Whenever Gramps Morgan releases a new project, it never disappoints. This new EP, called ‘DEEPER‘ is the successor of the in 2021 released ‘Positive Vibration” album and contains 6 new ballads, like only Gramps can sing them. The song that stands out the most is track 3, ‘Butterfly’, a song about Denroy Morgan and about the bigger things in life like having to let go, losing someone, watching your child grow up, getting married, or going to college.

3 of the songs ( ‘A Moon to Remember‘, ‘So in love with you‘ and ‘Butterfly’ are new and there are 3 Acoustic versions added of ‘Runaway Bay‘. ‘People Like You‘ and Gramps’ big hit ‘Wash the Tears‘.

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