Pressure Busspipe releases 8-track ‘The Time is Now” Album

Seemingly in almost complete silence, Pressure Busspipe released his new album “The Time is Now” (produced by Legionsmusic / Waggyrasfecords) this October 21, 2022. The album holds 8 new tracks, opening with the lovey dovey ‘Let’s Love‘, followed by a soca/dancehall track called “Gal Wine“. On track 4 we find the 2012 released hit track on the Romance Riddim “Touch You“. Track 7 on the album is a rootsy collaboration with Classical Eska called “Fountain” and the album ends with ‘Gangster Life“. All in all this album didn’t tick all our boxes as much as 2021 released masterpiece ‘Heights of Greatness” which, in our eyes, was a true gem that blew us away, containing hits after hits. Maybe that explains the silent release of this album which doesn’t seem to capture the greatness that Pressure normally displays. I guess for this album, in my humble opinion, although the title wants us to believe differently, It wasn’t the right time. We still have Heights of Greatness on Repeat.