Review: Micah Shemaiah – Original Dread

By Liam Monaghan

Micah Shemaiah has dropped his Original Dread album recently. Much anticipated by fans across the globe. The album has been produced by Will Tee of Descendant Music & Micah Abrahams from the WeGeneration Music camp. The album has been released on the descendant Music Label and mixed by Will Tee. Micah is consistent in providing amazing artwork on his vinyl’s and cd’s and this album is no different as the artwork was created by Mau Mau.

Black Black
Drum Roll, a horn line & a weighty bassline and we are underway to the album! A great record to start the album. Micahs fine soulful voice works in harmony with the bass along with the cleverly arranged percussion. Micahs music is the fine balance of roots Reggae and Dub! This song is a great way to start the album with positive vibrations, high hopes.

Dread On Yah
Big Drums, Big Bass, Micah begins the record with talks of Rastafari. There’s not much to say about this record apart from BASS! Splashes of drums remind me of listening to music coming out of waterhouse! Powerful lyrics from Micah with the airy mood of the record set the scene and the tone for the album.

Eezy Breezy
One of the biggest records for 2015 in my person opinion! Having heard it played on BBC Radio1 I hunted the record down and have played it non-stop! I know summer is coming to a close in the UK. The classic elements of Micahs music are all there, booming drums, big bassline and a catchy jorn line with some lazers of bubbling fx’s just make you want to stick your sun glasses on and head out into the sun! Micahs vocal scale rises to a mellow humble tone putting the ease in Eezy Breezy.

If I Could
Continuing on the easy breezy flex, summer vibes here. Micahs voice comes back to a soulful tone and we return to a deep meaningful misty and moody feel. Try arrangement and solid production keep you listening to this record, Micah has truly captured a foundation sound and put his twist to make it his own.

Original Dread
Album title track, nice horns and guitar plucking bring us into the track. Yes Dread! Voices out across the room and a breakdown to just bass and drums give a stripped back feel to this record. Micahs voice balances the soulful tone and reminds me of early Johnny Osborne.

Truth & Rights
Speaking of Johnny Osbourne, I was hoping before I played this one it was a cover! Its not. But non the less, a good record, this reminds me of English reggae from the 70s for example, Black Slate, Capital Letters, Aswad, Steel Pulse. East listening music towards the end of the album, a nice change up!

Smile Sax
Upbeat chilling here. positivity is key in this song. Still keeping the balance of Dub and also reggae the record is floats on an old Ska beat. Micahs voice rings through the song still in a easy fashion whilst his tones lift up and down in a Dennis Brown fashion. Relaxing drums and percussion keep things moving towards the finish line of the album.

Final track on the album. With such an interesting title I was excited to hear this! The album hasn’t been a constant drone of the same riddim just reworked, there’s been many influences blended together and fused. After some sampling, Rub a Dub selection is in full force to finish the album. Probably my second favourite song off the album. Positive vibes, which epitomises Micah’s Sound!

The ‘Original Dread album is available for Pre-order on Vinyl Descendant Music Website