Quartiere Coffee present the album La Mia Terra

Quartiere Coffee release La Mia Terra, the Italian band’s fifth official album. The release comes seven years after their previous record Conscience and three years after the group reunited with singer KG Man. 

Recently, the Tuscan collective has begun a new phase in its artistic history. In addition to reggae, the backbone of Quartiere Coffee’s style, La Mia Terra contains folk nuances of Mediterranean origin, Latin and ethnic rhythms, electronic compositions, and forays into pop. 

The album features many prestigious collaborations: Tonino Carotone features on the title track La Mia Terra, a tribute to the territory from which the Tuscan band hail. Finaz and Forelock embellish Mr. Propaganda and Black Eagle respectively. Jamaican legends Israel Vibration duet with Rootman and KG Man on Solomon Kingdom

The band stated: “We focused 100% on the songwriting for this album. It was exciting to come together and write an album with new ideas, deal with new topics, and simultaneously seek a unique and original sound. Our new album indeed is a journey that can navigate the listener through sounds and words. After every trip, however, we always return home, to a place where each of us can say: this is My Land (La Mia Terra)!”.

The production was entrusted to Ciro ‘Princevibe’ Pisanelli, producer of the band since their debut, who skillfully balanced the different sounds and atmospheres throughout the record. Upcoming producer Andrew D also participated in arranging some songs.

La Mia Terra, released via La Tempesta Dub and distributed by Believe Music Italia, is available on digital platforms and CD and comes out alongside the video clip of the title track.

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