Black Roots “Nothing In The Larder” (Music Video)

BLACK ROOTS, the mythic UK reggae band, will release a new album titled Nothing In The Larder in June 2021.

Born in Jamaica the musicians immigrated to United Kingdom during their childhood and met in the 80’ under the
Thatcher government. Social economic crisis and racism are ravaging the country. So BLACK ROOTS went deeply into a musical spiritual and social search through reggae music.

BLACK ROOTS formed in the St. Paul’s area of Bristol, England, formed in 1979. They toured extensively in the UK and Europe in the 1980s and early 1990s releasing several albums and singles during that time before disappearing from the music scene for about ten years. Their comeback began when Soundicate/Makasound, a record label in France, released an album in 2004 and followed it up with another in 2007 (both were compilations made up from their extensive back catalogue). In December 2010 they performed their first live show for some twenty years at the Trinity Hall in Bristol. Since then they have been active once again, playing live dates and releasing new albums.

Black roots

Today you can listen to the first eponym track from their new album Nothing In The Larder. It is a timely reminder that we must continue to promote equality, justice and enlightenment. “Wisdom and knowledge are the food for life”.
It advocates the message that even in the depths of despair there is always hope for a better world to come, if not for us then for the youths. People power counts.

Produced and written by : BLACK ROOTS
Music : Voices : Errol Anthony Brown, Kondwani Bozi, Carlton
Anthony Smith // Guitar : Cordell Francis // Rythmic Guitar :
Jabunalni Ngozi // Bass : Colin McNeish // Drums : Anthony
«Drumtan» Ward // Keyboard : Harry Holder // Trumpet : Patrick
Anthony Tenyue // Saxophone : Winston Rose //
Trombone : Henry «Matic» Tenyue