The Green Sessions with Ziggi Recado

Every week Ziggi Recado writes a blog about his upcoming album ‘Ziggi Recado’ which will be released at April 15 2011. In this blog he writes about the making of the album and every week you can hear a snippet of the upcoming album, this week: This Year Featuring Maikal X

Last week was tiring but fullfilling as i saw the final version of the album design. Looks tufff, and the music is already mastered and ready. So it’s really on to pressing now. Had my first rehearsal of the year with my band. Was very interesting working on a new set and hearing all the new stuff live. I really have alot of tracks now and really have to thing hard about what to play and how to make everything work. My musicians is the best though. I’ll be ready. Got to hear my new backing vocalist too. I’m using a male backing vocal for the first time. Verrrry different vibe but he’s a great singer and i think it will end up being a change for the best.

3 rehearsals scheduled this week. Lot’s a work. Counting down slowly but surely….

Ziggi Recado


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