Queen Omega: ‘Freedom Legacy’

From Trinidad and Tobago to the rest of the world, Queen Omega, one of the most valuable voices of the world-reggae scene, presents the album Freedom Legacy. An introspective and musical journey formed by 14 new roots reggae and dancehall powerful tunes produced by LionsFlow Productions and published by Baco Records.

The singles FittestWise QueensSee You Down and Lioness released during the past six months lay the foundations for an opus constructed as a thoughts collection dedicated to her fans and children. A legacy gathering her most profound questions about human condition in which she sings her fights for freedom and women’s independence with militancy bringing hope to the new generations.

In Queen Omega’s own words, “music is an expression channel, a bridge to mental and emotional freedom. It is through conscious music that we learnt the need to express ourselves, breaking the walls of silence. I’d like to know that I gave a legacy allowing people listening to my music to be completely free in their body and mind”.

To make this album, Queen Omega also surrounded herself with various artists from the international reggae scene. In the tracks Wise Queens and Win she affirms her will to highlight feminine artists holding her fight for gender equality and women’s independence – from her island and beyond – as high as possible. Therefore, the Trinidadien singers Kushite and Jalifa will be found at the side of Queen on Wise Queen but also a long-standing sister of hers: Soom-T, with whom she collaborates for the first time on the song Win.

In Freedom Legacy, the magic also works between Queen Omega and Julian Marley on the song Oneness in which can also be found Yaniss Odua’s french-caribbean touch. A tune holding a message of acceptance and love for humanity, the three artists reunited around one vision, as witnesses and defenders of this unity. 

A few collaborations also fall under the sign of fate and that’s how Marcus Gad was put in the way of Queen Omega during her last summer tour in Europe. It became quite obvious to her that Marcus was the perfect artist to sing Agape Love with her, an homage to the power of spiritual love preached by the two artists on their respective projects. 

Queen Omega adds the subtitle Urithi wa Uhuru (meaning Freedom Legacy in the Swahili language), a tribute to all black populations of the world, a message in the memory of slavery and oppression that they suffered from, a legacy of liberation that she delivers through her music to set people free from their remembrance of pain. To this homage Queen universalizes her message through her lyrics addressing more widely to all the oppressed populations of the world. An album sign as an emancipating mantra from all sorts of tyranny existing on Earth.

Freedom Legacy is available on CD, vinyl and digital platforms.

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